How To Download RAM On PC For Free

You want to download and install high spec game like Fortnight, or application like AutoCAD, but unfortunately, your computer does not has enough RAM (memory). That is when you started to Google for “How To Download RAM on PC For Free”.

How To Download RAM On PC For Free

How To Download RAM On PC

Since I already lead you this far, to be honest, there is no way to download RAM on your PC.

Here is why you cannot download RAM on your PC. Please READ UNTIL THE END to get the points I’m trying to provide.

RAM is physical product, not a digital product. Though we are living in a very modern and millenium era, it is very impossible to download RAM into your Desktop. RAM is physical product, not a digital product.

Teleport is not exist yet, that’s included in our own PC. If teleport technology is embedded in our PC, yes, that is different story. We may download directly from the internet and then directly install into our PC.

RAM should be installed physically, not digitally. Since it is a physical product, you need to install it physically on the motherboard. You cannot and it’s very impossible to install RAM via operating system like you installing some softwares.

But, there are lots of website offering service and even guide on how to download RAM on PC“.

You must be wondering about it right?

Both guides are either one; jokes or malicious.

But most likely, it is malicious and you will end up google as below:

It might lead you to install “which they claim it’s RAM”. It may be a virus or worst, Ransomware. You just install and suddenly -BANG! All your files are encrypted and there is ransom note asking for bitcoin if you want your files back.

Maybe it’s not virus, but it may lead you to a phishing website. For example, it may lead you to phish website where you need to login your credential for Google or Facebook to download “the RAM”. They will steal your account from you. So beware.

If the guide is a joke or malicious, why are you writing about it? Is it a clickbait or false claim?”

Well, this is informational article, just to make awareness on this and prevent netizen or community from falling into this scam and become victim. You might think “who will believe RAM can be downloaded?

Well sir, there might be people who does not aware how RAM or PC is working.

That’s all from me. I hope you find it helpful.

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