ScholarAI ChatGPT Plugin: Maximizing Research Efficiency

In the realm of academic research, the quest for authentic and reliable sources is a constant challenge. This is where ScholarAi, an incredibly innovative plugin, steps in to revolutionize the way researchers access and interact with scientific content. 

ChatGPT Limitation: May Produce Inaccurate Information

ChatGPT functions as an invaluable tool for researchers. Nonetheless, there exist two significant limitations when utilizing ChatGPT for research purposes.

Extensive language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT possess the tendency to ‘hallucinate’, implying they generate seemingly reasonable responses instead of drawing from legitimate, factual sources.

This habitual characteristic poses a potential severe pitfall for the generation and development of scholarly source material. Human knowledge accumulation is based on layering verified findings progressively, not on plausible conjectures masquerading as facts.

Additionally, LLMs do not reference their sources, and deciphering the methods they employ to determine their responses presents considerable challenges. They are characteristically enigmatic in their internal workings. 

ScholarAI: Factual Research Based on Scientific Articles

ScholarAi is a peer-reviewed database that provides users with direct access to a vast array of scientific articles. It is a tested and trustworthy source, offering content from open access journals such as Springer and Nature.

The plugin is designed to cater to the needs of academic researchers, providing them with a platform to access and search for papers from various sources with reliable information.

The ScholarAI plugin is integrated with ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI. This integration allows users to search for academic papers in a conversational manner, making the process of finding relevant research more intuitive and user-friendly. 

One of the key features of ScholarAi is its ability to provide insights from the papers it sources. When a user is searching for a specific paper, ScholarAi not only provides access to the paper but also extracts key insights from it. This feature is particularly useful for researchers who need to quickly understand the main points of a paper without having to read it in its entirety.

ScholarAi also has a feature that allows users to see which papers have cited the one they are currently viewing. This feature is incredibly useful for researchers who are looking to understand the impact and influence of a particular study. This will reduce the hours pending on Google scholar to look for factual content.

In terms of content, ScholarAI is not limited to just scientific research. It also provides access to a wide range of academic content, including articles from various disciplines. This makes ScholarAi a versatile tool for researchers from all fields.

How To Access ScholarAI ChatGPT Plugin

Utilizing ScholarAI is remarkably straightforward, yet it is crucial to note that the availability of ChatGPT plugins remains restricted at this time. If you don’t currently possess access, we kindly request that you register for the waitlist at the following address: Plus, you must subscribe to ChatGPT plus plan in order to access the plugin.

To use the ScholarAI plugin, follow the steps:

  1. On the ChatGPT screen, choose GPT-4 and go to “Plugin store”
  2. Search for ScholarAi and click “Install”.
  3. Once installed, choose GPT-4 and enable “ScholarAI”.
  4. Then type the prompt or question as usual.

You can use text prompt like “write me about yourtopic research”.

Here is the example on using ScholarAI.

Just click on the “Used: ScholarAI” dropdown to see the metadata on journals info that has been retrieved.

Inside the metadata, there are info on abstract, authors, how many times it has been cited etc.

The response also included the link to journal’s full text in case they want to read further on the journals.

This allow users to access to all related journals without need to search and open lots of journals ro find the related information. Indirectly, saving time doing the paper research.

In conclusion, ScholarAi is a game-changer in the world of academic research. It provides a reliable and user-friendly platform for accessing and understanding academic content. With its innovative features and integration with ChatGPT, ScholarAi is set to redefine the way researchers interact with academic content.


FAQ #1: What is the cost for this plugin?

As of now it is free. Enjoy!

FAQ #2: Will it works with GPT3.5 model?

At this time, you need to have ChatGPT plus subscription and use GPT-4. The requirement to use ChatGPT plugins is using GPT-4 model.

FAQ #3: Does it also search for latest paper (not limited to September 2021)?

Yes. As long as there is recent paper. You can refer to the example above, where it shows journal from year 2022.

FAQ #4: How can I get more detailed information from a paper using the ScholarAI plugin?

Upon obtaining the summary of a scholarly article, you may request the plugin to procure the complete content of said article. The comprehensive text is procured in separate sections, and you have the option to request further sections as required.

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