Does Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Has SD Card Slot?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a new phone that has been released in the market. It comes with a lot of features that are perfect for users who are looking for a high-end phone. However, one of the features that has been a big question to some users is, does Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has SD card slot.

Let’s find out.

Does Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Has SD Card Slot?

Unfortunately, the phone does not have a SD card slot nor MicroSD card.

We have verified by looking at phone itself, Samsung offical website and on the guide.

Before you decide and proceed to buy, it is better you choose wisely as the storage cannot be expanded or upgraded. The maximum storage available is 512 GB, with 12GB RAM.

However, there are alternative ways that you can use, in case the internal storage is insufficient.

You can use any or all listed below:

  • USB on the go (OTG)
  • Cloud storage

USB on the go

There two types of USB on the go available:

  • USB adaptor/cable connector

To connect USB drive storage to your phone, you need a compatible USB cable connector. The other end will connected to your phone and the other end will connnect to your USB drive

USB Cable Connector
USB Adaptor

  • USB drive/pendrive with USB Type C

This one is more convenient as you dont need to bring additional cable as you can connect the pendrive directly into your phone.

Does Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Has SD Card Slot
USB storage with Type-C

Please bear in mind, either types of USB, it must be formatted in FAT32 format.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is more convenient storage. You don’t need to carry extra cable or USB storage drive.

You can access your files as long there is internet connections.

There are many cloud storage such as Microsoft Onedrive, Samsung, ASUS Webstorage etc.

There are drawbacks when using cloud storage. It is quite expensive as it is a subscription based.

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